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Welcome to the Park Watch Report Website.

PARK WATCH REPORT PROUDLY ANNOUNCES THE PARK WATCH REPORT SMARTPHONE MOBILE APP! Go to iTunes and get your free app for any smart phone or tablet. This will allow you to easily report any issues right out on the trails with your smart phone. We thank the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation for their $20,000 grant and other trail organizations that helped with the development of this app and the upgrade of the websites. CLICK HERE to see the complete press release.

Park Watch Report is a non-profit web-based trail incident reporting system as part of the Park Watch program. Although not officially part of California State Parks, this website was originally debuted with and for Folsom Lake and Auburn State Recreation Areas for trail safety and public land protection. It now covers all trails in the adjoining counties and trail Incident Reports are forwarded to the proper Park/District Supervisor or law enforcement, as well as serving as a permanent record and data collection.

ALL TRAIL USERS, INCLUDING 4,500 RUNNERS, HIKERS, DOG WALKERS, MT. BIKERS AND EQUESTRIANS have Park Watch Cards and are part of the Park Watch Program. To see two examples of current Park Watch Cards CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

THIS SITE IS UPDATED DAILY: everyone is encouraged to file Trail Incident Reports and send all trail Alerts, News, Calendar submissions, trail closures, events, and race/competition information to Park Watch Report.

DONATIONS: The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, El Dorado Equestrian Trails Foundation, the California Conservation of Trails and Gold Country Trails Council are major contributors for the website update and the companion mobile app. THANK YOU!
The Park Watch program, Park Watch cards and website wouldn't exist if it weren't for the generous contributions of suggestions, funds and time from California Conservation of Trails, California State Parks, Barbara Heyward, Brainscan Software, Cosumnes River Horsemen's Association, El Dorado Equestrian Trails Foundation (EDETF), Emigrant Trail Conservancy, Gold Country Gaited Horse Club, Gold Country Trails Council, Jaede Miloslavich (webmaster), North Fork American River Alliance (NFARA), El Dorado County Parks and Recreation District, Placer County Parks and Grounds, Wendell and Inez Robie Foundation, Cathy Hodges Memorial Fund, Safe Trails Alliance, Save the American River Association (SARA), American River Trail Foundation, and the Western States Safe Trail Alliance.Thank you! TO ACCESS THE PAYPAL BUTTON FOR YOUR tax credit 501(c)(3) CONTRIBUTIONS, Click on 'DONATIONS', top right of this page to access contribution information.

If your state, county, park or trails commission would like Park Watch Report software for your area, click here Park Watch Report


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