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Thank you for reporting your incident at Your report here not only benefits yourself, but all users of our trail systems.

Start by providing you contact information so we can reach you for any necessary communication. Then, fill in the details of your report. Please provide as much information as you can so that we can determine how best to respond to your report. Specifics regarding the parties involved, the location of the incident, and any photographs or other supporting documentation will be most helpful.

Data Entry Best Practices

* Do not use your browser's "Back" button while you are working on your incident report, as this can reload old information and lose data you have entered on the current page. Use the Section Links at the top or bottom of the form to jump to a specific section of the report.

* Your report will not be seen by our staff until you have clicked the "Submit Report" button on the Report Summary page.

 Incident Report
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This information will allow us to contact you if necessary regarding your report.
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About the Incident
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Brief Description
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When did the incident occur? Date: Time:
Type of Incident
May choose more than one
Trail Maintenance Issue
Suspected Illegal Activity
Trail Use Conflict
Injury to Person or Animal
General Comments
Longer Description
Incident Location
Where did the incident take place? Please be as specific as possible.
Park / Region
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Describe the Location
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Drag red marker to location of incident.

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If you select Yes for Rememeber Me, then an ID number will be stored on your computer so that if you come back to file another report you will not need to enter your contact information again.

If you select No, then your ID will not be saved on your computer. This is recommended if you are not using your own computer to file this report.

Paste a link to a map here. We recommend Google Maps.

Find the location of your incident, as close as you can, then click the Link button at the top-right corner of the map, copy the link address from the first field shown, then paste that link here.

If you know the GPS location where your incident occurred, enter the latitude and longitude here. Otherwise, use the map to find your incident's location and place a marker on the map with the "Click here to activate map marker" button. Drag the marker around the map to place it as accurately as you can.

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